How to order from

Credit Card Payment Accept!

So easy for you to place an order.

As long as you opetare according to the website order system you will complete order successfully.

1.Choose the sizes of all items you need and the quantities,then click the blue button "Add To Cart" to submit the order when all items have been chosen;

2.Fill in your mailbox and Transport information,then click the green button “Save”,pls pay attention to write down your right receiver information and email adress, so that we can contact u correctly;

3 Finally fill your credit card information,click on the green button “Checkout”to complete the payment.

4.We will send your package out within 48 hours once we receive your payment,and offer you the tracking number by email once your package has been shipped,you can track your real-time online parcel.

If your order has failed,Please check the below some possible fail reasons:

1). Did you pay with credit card or debit card? (debit card is not accepted)

2). entering credit card number correctly?

3). enough balance on your credit card?

4). shipping address matches billing address?

5). Is your credit card accept the international payments?

6). Is your credit card bank authorize the payment?

If all are ok but still fail, then we have three suggestions for you to complete the order:

1). Try another credit card

2). If you want to pay with paypal,please contact us.

3). pay with western union or moneygram (money transfer) instead.

Due to the credit card's handling fee,pay with western union or moneygram, we will offer you 20% off and priority shipment.

If you would pay, please reply back for more payment details.

Hope the above info helps. If you need any further help, you can ask our customer service by email or online chatting.

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